Since 1995, Eng. Arch. Donato Aquilino designed the construction of Berliners, bulkheads and indirect foundations in dozens of construction sites for an estimated amount of works of about 100 million euros. In addition to the aforementioned achievements, numerous sub-foundation and soil consolidation interventions have also been planned, in collaboration with the Geol. Roberto Drera.
Engsolver, a specific technical and professional spinoff of the company Adai Srl, was born from this over twenty-year experience.
Composed of a highly qualified staff, Engsolver follows the problems related to geological and geotechnical design along the various phases, from the feasibility assessment to the drafting of the executive elements. The experience gained in the field allows us to optimize the planning and processing of geognostic surveys, also taking care of the implementation aspects. Setting up a survey campaign aimed at the intervention allows you to obtain technically comprehensive and economically convenient results. We are also equipped to perform load tests on foundation piles and tests on tie rods during loading or already existing.